How to list users who have entered and saved a specific user setting

In usersettings.php I have this field:

$item = elgg_view_field([
'#type' => 'text',
'id' => 'my-user-setting',
'#label' => elgg_echo('plugin:usersettings:label'),
'name' => 'params[my_user_setting]',
'value' => $my_user_setting,
and to list users in all.php I have tried with:
$options = [
    'type' => 'user',
'query' => '> 1',
'fields' => [
'private_settings' => ['my_user_setting'],
'limit' => false
echo elgg_list_entities($options);
The users save an integer and the idea is only to list the users who have filled in the field and saved a value. But all users are listed.