Problem in comments in Elgg 3

In the Elgg new 3x version, the comment box disappears after the first comment. For example, an user writes a blog post. When the blog post is published, a comment box appears at the bottom. The first commentor can see the comment box but the others or if the first commentor comes again no comment box is visible. Another problem is that, latest comments do not appear at the bottom (the way it appears in elgg org or fb or any site) and the user is not automatically scrolled to the comment he just posted.

  • I have The same trouble. Did you manage that ?

  • I use Elgg 3.1.4 and there is no comment box available for users. Only for the admins

    Did you find any solution ????

  • @Hermand Pessek, I am sorry, I could not manage that. There are unsolved issues and discussions on this it seems, no solutions yet. For this and some other reason I cannot use Elgg 3, although several versions of Elgg 3 are already out. I think no actual production site with large or moderately large number of users is using Elgg 3x. Not sure if this elgg org is yet  upgraded to Elgg 3x as that will also cause the same problem with the comments and breakage in user experience. My another worry is size of database table, if meta holds a lot of data as compared to Elgg 2x. Some hosting providers have a limit on table size.

  • After the first comment the comment form disappears behind a button. This button is located in the "Comments" header.

    The latest comment is always the top one. Comments are ordered newest to latest. So there is no need to "jump" the the comment after it's posted because it's the top one.

  • @ Jerome Bakker Why should the comment form disappear ? This is not what happens here in Elgg org or any of the existing elgg sites or most sites on the net. Does it mean the users have to re-learn the UI behavior and in the process many will leave the site? Comment form appearing in the first instance and then disappearing - its insane. It should be uniform, should not it be ?

    And "latest comment" on top does not preserve the chronology of conversation that follows a post ( a blog post or discussion ) . In Elgg org  now and also for the last so many years as far as I can see, latest comment appears at bottom.

    Was there any massive request to "break" the expected and usual norm? I cant see such request here in GitHub or here, instead there are many posts and issues it seems that are urging not to break the UI behavior of comments from 2x to 3x in such drastic and non-usable way.