A basic question about Views

Elgg 2.3.10

I thought I understand the Views system of Elgg, but now not so sure anymore.

We want to remove the View input/attachments.php ( hypeAttachments ).

We search the whole mod directory and found only one occurrence of:

echo elgg_view('input/attachments');

It is iforms/attachments/upload.php.

However when we comment this line of code nothing happened - the input/attachments.php View, still continue to display.

So the question is how to get ride of this View?

Thank you

BTW - When we comment the whole input/attachments.php it disappears of course.


  • 1 - Every time after these changes you must clear the cache.

    2 - Perhaps, some plugins have the same view.

    3 - You can try to unextend this view in your custom plugin:

    elgg_unextend_view('forms/attachments/upload', 'input/attachments');

    4 - If you make this change in your custom plugin, make sure it's moved after the original plugin by priority.

    Learn more methods.

  • Thank you RvR. 

    I did all your suggestions but it still does not work.

    Perhaps, some plugins have the same view.

    I do not think there is other same view since when I comment the whole input/attachments.php its content disappears from the page (as desired).

    The mystery is what causes this view to appear.