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For the record, I love this profile manager plugin and must say that my utmost love and respect to Jeroen Dalsem for his relentless contributions in upgrading features and versions and high praise for his generosity for making his valuable works free particularly for a vital plugin like Profile Manager. No matter how much I praise him it will fall short.

I have some observations and feature requests with all due respect.

Can there be nested functions and logic driven functions within a filed type?
Like for a field like a Gender, if Male is selected it will call standard avatar for Male if female similar
Can some standards iso data come preloaded or fetched automatically for certain fields like Mobile where it will show a drop-down list of country codes in 3/4 digit formats as a prefix code like +880 (BD), and when such prefix code is selected, a char field is available for entering mobile numbers.
Country list - a function similar to if country = USA, State/ Province = California than City = Winnetka then for Zipcode field only available postal code would be for selection is "91306"
or maybe like this if Zipcode = "1230," selected, than for the field city "Uttara Model Town" would only be available for selection if City is Uttara Model Town, State / Province can only be Dhaka, and if Dhaka is the province "Bangladesh" would be the only logical data available for selection. or to simplify it, all location fields be "Auto Detected".

I don't know if I am asking too much... i mean beggars can't be choosers right... but certainly, this would be the right approach and today or tomorrow, elgg must validate users through mobile sms codes which rightly verifies user identify, and simply speaking user-friendly validation that correctly identifies a user, and his device as well.

  • All these feature, if not already exist, can be build. If you could fund them i can build it and i will share it back to the community. However... if you are unable to fund it, you will have to do with the amazing features it already has :)

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Feedback and Planning

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