The Wire and The Hype Wall

My humble understanding is that the The Wire and The Hype Wall are two different content posting plugins, and the wire uses two different channels that are when The Wire is called from the menu and a content is posted, it simply creates a posts after posts in form of links, but same posts gets routed to activity irrespective of wire is being extended to activity and takes form of an actual readable or functional post.

For example, a sound cloud post is only functional in the activity river and so are any youtube kind of posts (requires additional supporting plugs) else, the wire post is simply good for a primitive form of text posts. Offcourse recently plugins have been published for rich content posting as well as crossfading (FB |Twittwer) and OPG, which certainly notch up the wire plugin to some extent.

I would like to know what would happens if I disable this core plug completely and instead use a more functional plugin like Hype Wall only until to the point the wire core plugin gets revamped with icon sets, and similar hype wall functionalities. Its simply confusing to use both....

Any thoughts?

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Feedback and Planning

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