Plugin Implementation: hypeJunction/elgg-giphy (Giphy embeds for Elgg)

This plugin has been recently released at Hypejunction Github for Elgg 2.3x Giphy embeds for Elgg. I am really excited and very much interested in using it. The author doesn't mention any special requirements for implementing the plug. So I tried it, and when I enable it, it breaks ( I mean elgg stops working), so I have to manually rename or delete the plug to get my Elgg working as before.

Can any one tell me how to implement this plugin. I suspect this plugin requires hypejunction plugin elgg-di (Dependency Injection for Elgg 2.x ) and certainly the hypeJunction/elgg-mb4 plugin. Both elgg-di and elgg-mb4 plugin is beyond my understanding.

So, my question is Did anyone tried implementing hypeJunction/elgg-giphy (Giphy embeds for Elgg) plugin successfully? If so, kindly do share your knowledge and experience.