Updates for plugins

Hello, All of us users need the plugins for the new version of Elgg 3.0.2, they are: (Tidypics, Video, hypewall and their dependents) will these plugins update !? they plugins are wonderful, and they are very lacking in our site, they are much more beautiful, it escapes the standard of the elgg that is only in links.

without these plugins shows only page links, not images or videos in the site activity.

  • I'll update all my plugins including Tidypics, iZAP Videos etc. etc. as soon as possible. But it will take a little while for sure until I can release any updated versions of the plugins I have not yet updated for Elgg 3 as I just don't have as much free time to work on it as I would like to have.

    In the meantime I can only say: please be patient, stay on Elgg 2 for the time being and don't try upgrading to Elgg 3 if not all the plugins you use are ready yet.

  • Hi, thank you for the answer!

    by the way I'm already using version 3.0, it's modern I liked it! just those plugins that are missing to get better, but I understand that you do not have free time, I wait.

    I like your plugins, because when you send a photo to the album, for example, the image appears in the activity of the site, not just a link, which leads to the album.