Some tabs doesn't work properly.

It's all about standard plugins- blog and groups.

Inside tabs "Mine" or "Friends" sidebar shows properly, as should.

But inside tabs "All" or "Featured" (in blogs) sidebar do not show "owner_block".

I have tried to disable all plugins (but blog or groups), didn't help, the problem exists.

In "/www/elgg/mod/theme/views/default/page/elements/sidebar.php" is standard record: echo elgg_view('page/elements/owner_block', $vars); I have copied that file from the "vendor" directory without changes.

Half-year ago it works properly. Maybe DB broke somewhen?

Can someone help to fix that? Need "owner_block" inside every tab. Or say where to dig it.


p.s. Elgg version is 2.3.11

p.p.s Tabs "invitations", "owner", "member" works properly. The problem is with the "all" and "featured" tabs only.