New users can not create accounts

Hello everyone, I'm seeing a problem happening in my elgg 3.0.2, new users are not able to create new accounts, nor login with accounts already created from the mobile browser, the creation is working, only if the user creates a browser shortcut to your smartphone desktop, what could be happening?

  • Hello, thanks for the reply, on the server there is no error log, only, clicking on "login" or "register" nothing happens, as if it were not clicked on nothing, I realized that only in the smartphone browser this happens, logging on by the pc, it works normally. What is weirder is that if logging in via the browser shortcut works, otherwise it will not.

  • Try to enable 'Log everything' option in the 'Debugging and Logging' section on the Advanced settings.

    Use PC and smartphone both.

    Try to login via smartphone -> Save your server logs as 'Mobile log'

    Try to login via PC -> Save your server logs as 'PC log'

    Now you can compare these logs and try to find issues.

    Note: usually, the server logs are the separate access and error logs. Check ALL logs.

  • Hello RvR, I'm returning the feedback, thanking you for your help, it worked out right here. thank you.