File Uploads supported characters in the file name

Hi everyone...

The story: I have a tune which i was trying to upload. Everytime the process is finished it would say that me> uploaded a file. thats it.. the file is impossible to open or veiw (zaudio installed and working with everything else). theonly optionwas to click around throug activity log and delete the file. i played around and on the last attempt renamed the file something_something.mp3 to somethingsomething.mp3 plus added the id3 tags. after uploading the file was accessible and even playable by zaudio.

any ide what are the restrictrd characters and if there is a chance to replace the with accpetable onse on upload. or could it be the issue with lack of ID3 tags (even though my guess that its irrelevant)


Thanks in advance for any light shed on this.. and sorry if i posted in the wrong group.

  • The only problems I have ever had with uploading mp3s is the   '   some things like it... some don't. also get yourself the free audio converter and don't use wma. just a basic MP3 with no extra coding is best.