Personal I want to create an automatic news sending system, someone has an idea how to do it, using the standard elgg news library
This one from here
the news would automatically come from somewhere else and would have to be posted
  • I can't give you a working solution but I can only suggest a starting point that might be of some use: RSS Import plugin ( As I understand the plugin description (haven't tried it myself) you can pull posting from other sites via a rss feed (which the other site would have to provide) and add then on your site. This can be done either manually or in an automatic way controlled by a cronjob. Two things would require some work though: first, the plugin hasn't been upgraded for Elgg 2 so it's quite likely not fully working (or not working at all) without some changes in the code. Secondly, the plugin would allow to add the external posting right now only as a blog, bookmark or page entry but not yet as a news item. As the news plugin is based on the bundled blog plugin this should be not too difficult to achive.

    I can't provide any further help though. So, you would have either getting it working on your own or you would have to hire a developer.