Appending comment box after all comments, and taking the user to the comment he just posted

hi all, greetings. If you have been testing/using Elgg 3.0.1, can you please tell how you are using the "comments"?
In Elgg 2x as well as in almost all sites like elgg org, github etc, comment input box appears at the end of all the comments. However, in Elgg 3, an user, after reading all the comments (in a lengthy discussion for example), has to scroll and scroll back again to the top to look for a comment box to post a comment. However, even then, there is no box by default (!) but one has to click open to get a box. Strangely, when the user is the first one to comment he finds an open box but when he comes back to comment again, the box is there no more but he finds a button to click.
The other problem is that: when comments order is oldest first (I achieved this by using Advanced Comment), an user is not taken (auto-scrolled) to the comment he just posted, for example, in a long page with multiple long comments he sees the initial comments and not his own comments. In Elgg 2x, Elgg org, github and everywhere you are taken to the comment you just posted (comment order is oldest first).

I have submitted issues here  and I am looking into the code  to see where changes can be made to
- append an open comment box always at the end of all comments
- the user is taken  automatically / auto-scrolled to the comment he just posted now

Suggestions here or PR s in the above issues will be most welcome. I am not sure if such issues should be submitted to CORE but imho, if incorporated in core, there will be uniform user experience in Elgg 3x as in Elgg org, elgg 2x, github etc