at where?

where elgg saves the news ?, I created a news but I am not finding the table in the database with the news
  • There are couple of news plugin.. Can you please share which news plugin are you referring to and you elgg version.

  • You won't find this one table in the database where you have everything that belongs to the news posting in one place. Explaining the whole Elgg data model and database scheme is a bit too complex to get it done in just a few sentences. Basically, Elgg handles most stuff with entities (entities table) that represent a user, a group or some kind of content item. Then there can be metadata entries (metadata table) associated with an entity that contain additonal info to the entity. On Elgg 3 the previously separate metastring table got merged into the metadata table that contained string or integer values of a metadata entry. So on Elgg 2 you would find for example the text of a news posting in the metastrings table whereas it's in the metadata table on Elgg 3. Some further info can be found at

    But in any case the advice: DON'T modify the database directly if you don't know exactly what you are doing!!!

    And with regards to the News plugin: what are you trying to do? Why the need to find the corresponding entries in the database? And in case you are trying to use it on Elgg 3: DON'T - it's not yet compatible with Elgg 3 as I haven't updated it yet. Btw. the plugin is also available in the same version here on the community site.

  • I want to add contents automatically ... how can I do this?iionly