Latest feedback on Elgg hosting needed

There is a list at The list begins with A2 Hoting (probably A2 Hosting) and there are another few hosts. If users here can share there are actual and latest experience, which one will be better, based on

  • 99 % uptime, no data loss, budget hosting, will be in business for a long time
  • Has no limit on database table size, as Elgg 3 metadata table will probably be huge in size for an active site. Excellent hosts like Siteground offer unlimited databases but restrict a table size, thus making it unsuitable (for example a search table, which stores the search data can exceed 1 GB and that triggers you can no longer use the account)
  • Account executions - similar to above some hosts restrict account executions to 20,000 per day which can be easily exceeded with moderate usage of Elgg

Looking at the hosting page, Turbo hosting by A2 Hosting enlisted by Elgg org looks really good. But what are the real-life and practical experiences? Please share. It will be good to have links of such sites here or in the Elgg org showcase.

  • Dear Dranii, 

    Hope you are well. 

    As per my suggestion you should have to go with A2hosting It's have great features and support for Even I have deployed 3-4 big projects with A2hosting and It's working fine from last 2-3 years. We can choose database and storage of server size as per our requirement. I would suggest you have to go with A2 hosting "Turbo web hosting" plan.

    Please let me know if you need any assistant on website deployment.

    Hourly Rates: $10/hr.

    Hoping for a prompt reply.

    Warm Regards,
    Norman F.
    Email ID: norman(dot)cis10(@)gmail(dot)com


  • @Norman.. I am planning to move my Elgg website from Arvixe to A2hosting and as I can see you already have an experience with the service provider. Can you suggest which would be a suitable plan to handle a minimum of 100-500 users to a max of 50,000 to 60,000 users at a point in time. (Note: when I say 100-500 or 50000 to 60000 users, I am not taking about simultaneous users but those many number of users are online and surfing the website.)

  • @Rohit Gupta   What were the problems you were having with Arvixe? "simultaneous" users and "online and surfing" would mean the same thing, will not be so? I guess what we mean here is that simultaneous online users hitting the same script uri will be around 100 to 500. I think Turbo or VPS can handle that. But if that same figure is 50,000 or more it will need Ded or Cloud and much more optimizations like Memcache and a lot other stuff. I bet there are lots of helpful tutorials here in Elgg org and other websites on those. But it will be good to know the

    • the latest perspectives on how to handle a crowd similar to FB on Elgg 3x and what type of hosting and softwares you need, even though we will probably never have that type of crowd, but a blog knowledge article is welcome on that
    • if anyone has experience of handling a really large site on Elgg 3x and can share their experience but I guess those users will not be reading this discussions
    • What differences does Ded and Cloud have when it comes to Elgg hosting (afterall the entire internet is a Cloud)

    @ Norman Foster  Thank you for sharing the information. Have you any working link of active Elgg 2x/3x sites on A2hosting? Willo they also support older versions of php like php5x versions for an indefinite time?


  • What were the problems you were having with Arvixe?

    Well, i started with the shared hosting and as you must be aware of there are few limitation on shared hosting plan, though they claim everything is unlimited they actually limit your on using the resources like I am only allowed to use 1,00,000 number of files and folder in my account. Now let's say i create a tidypic album (it will have two folder one in user guid and one in album guid and I upload 10 pic on them.. so the number count here will be 10 + 2). Another limitation is it does not allow you to have more than 5 max_user_connections for your db account. As my site is growing so I am planning to move out from Arvixe and try some other service provider. I am planning for a VPS and price for Arvixe and A2Hosting are almost the same.

    I guess what we mean here is that simultaneous online users hitting the same script uri will be around 100 to 500

    What I meant was that those 50k user will not be hitting my database all at the same time. Lets say some of them are on in the activity page, some of them are on xyz page etc. What i actually meant was the database could handle large number of queries.


  • I use A2 for elgg hosting at and am very happy with the control panel, good support too I've found.

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