Elgg 3.0.1 Comment Workflow

In Elgg 2x comments (for example, comments to a blog post) are displayed with latest comments appearing at bottom and earlier comments appearing at top - this is also the default behavior almost everywhere else be it social nets or blogs. As far as I have tested Elgg 3.0.1 this workflow is lost and in Elgg 3.0.1 :

  1. Latest comments appear at top
  2. Comment box by default is collpased ( a visual cue: open comment box encourages discussion and participation)
  3. Comments that had replies to itself (for example, by hype plugins) - what will happen to those

However, I am concerned with 1 and 2 more. Is there a setting to set comment order and toggle comment box visibility by Admin or will it mean yet another plugin or whatever? I am looking for an easy, instant way to preserve the comment workflow of 2x in 3x. Should it be submitted as an issue in github?