the absolute path of the data directory

Hello, I have a problem with the installation of Elgg in the 4th point: Configure site - Data Directory.

I created the date file
/ public_html / cup1elgg / date

I have tried to give the path to this file in all the ways and nothing. Each time an error occurs. How should the absolute path look like?

Regards, Felipe.



  • Create a new folder:


    It's your dir path.

    Don't forget about read/write permissions on it.

    Read docs also.

  • No! the "/data" is just a folder, but what the absolute path to this folder looks like?

  • "/data" is just a folder, but what the absolute path to this folder looks like?


    For /public_html/cup1elgg/date is /public_html/cup1elgg/date

  • "Absolute path" means the COMPLETE, full path from the root of the filesystem to the location of a folder or file (as opposed to relative path).

    I don't think /public_html can be the starting point of the absolute path. More likely it would be the starting point of an relative path (relative to the home directory / webspace folder) on the server only.

    You need to find out what the full path to your home directory / webspace is on your server. It could be somethink like /home/username or something similar. This part would have to be included in the absolute path when telling Elgg where your data directory is during installation. If you can't figure out where your webspace folder is on the server, ask the support of your webhoster. We can't tell you that because it is surely different for any webhoster and will probably contain some account-specific part also.

    Additionally, I would urge you NOT to create the data directory within the public_html folder or any subfolder within it. This is a possible security risk. Create the data directory for example directly in your webspace folder (and if you are not allowed to create a folder there - free hosting? - go to a different webhoster).