Informations about problems on ELGG



I would like to know what problems and malfunctions we may encounter when using ELGG ?


Thank you

  • I'm not sure what you expect to hear.

    If your server meets the requirements of Elgg and you install Elgg correctly, there are no problems to be expected.

    If there are any problems with the server config or you might have made a mistake during the install process there could be problems. But a general list of what might be wrong is just not possible to give. Some typical problems are mentioned at But it might depend on your own knowledge to a certain extend what you would see as a problem or malfunction in the first place. If you have good knowledge but are too lazy to read the install instructions first you might come across problems you can easily fix yourself. But if you have no knowledge at all it might be already a problem to configure the server properly to fulfull all the requirements to be able to install Elgg.

  • Is it problem on server side or user and UI side ?

    Some of the main problems, which I feel on user / UI side are (keeping the list short)

    1. No modern status box that is available in all social nets and social net scripts. Hype plugin provides this but the Dev has stopped developing. So whether this will work well with all 3x and 4x Elggs I dont know

    2. UI may get grossly changed if you are starting by using Elgg 2x and then move onto Elgg 3x. This prpblem may get solved if 3x theme plugin release is done by Iionly / other Devs

    3. Elgg has NO true and proper "Block this user" function - a thing which is available in social nets and social net scripts these days

    4. Branched reply (reply to reply) and comment sorting ( latest | best | etc ) not there in core. A plugin may provide this but Dev is not associated at present with this.

    5. Users cannot export their data (I am mainly considering text at will) - in core this is not there.

    But on the brighter side and pros : Elgg offers all other social net functions in a superb way : user blogs, photo album (Iionly plugin), Groups etc etc PLUS its code make it fast and clean and a pleasure to operate. The Groups function in Elgg is excellent.

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