Error message in the comment

I apologize for the basic question but my knowledge of programming is quite basic.

Sometime (not always), on Activity page, when I click the Comment link of a Blog, I get the following error message in the comment.

Strict Standards: Static function hypeJunction\Lists\EntityList::getEntityType() should not be abstract in /home/.../mod/hypeLists/classes/hypeJunction/Lists/EntityList.php on line 559
Strict Standards: Static function hypeJunction\Lists\EntityList::addSortQuery() should not be abstract in /home/.../mod/hypeLists/classes/hypeJunction/Lists/EntityList.php on line 569
Strict Standards: Static function hypeJunction\Lists\EntityList::addSearchQuery() should not be abstract in /home/.../mod/hypeLists/classes/hypeJunction/Lists/EntityList.php on line 579
Strict Standards: Static function hypeJunction\Lists\EntityList::addFilterQuery() should not be abstract in /home/.../mod/hypeLists/classes/hypeJunction/Lists/EntityList.php on line 589
As you know Ismayil the Great (I mean it) will not answer, I'd very much appreciate any guidance what to do with it.
Elgg 2.3.10
hypeLists 4.1.6
Thank you very much
  • Thank you @Jerome. All is well that ends well :)

    However, IMHO it would be good to write "Display PHP errors" instead of "Display fatal PHP errors".

    Anyway, Thanks a lot.