Hi everyone,

I'm a teacher and trainer at http://heartoflivingyoga.com and we really want to come off of facebook and have a beautiful Heart Forum on our website. We use squarespace to host and i'm trying to work out of there's a way to integrate an ELGG forum into our site. 

Also, my tech skills are fairly basic. I can do basic HTML programming and have some sense of how things work, but I'm wondering if ELGG would be right for me to try to implement. I saw the look of the Nurses Lounge ( https://elgg.org/showcase/view/1893600/the-nurses-lounge ) and it looks like just the sort of thing we would love to have for our teachers, students and anyone interested in living in the heart. 

Any help or suggestions for a newbie warmly welcome!

Hearts warmth,

Vishwam x

  • I don't use Squarespace but I don't think they allow you to run other PHP applications on their platform. They're very restrictive so you'll have to get another hosting somewhere else. I don't recommend GoDaddy.

  • Hello @Vishwam!

    I dont care for GoDaddy as well and have little knowledge about Squarespace. I use 1and1 as my host and love them!

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Beginning Developers

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