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I use the blog tool and the hypeattechments tool in elgg.

The problem is, that i want to create a blog entry and there i want an opportunity to insert a file. With the hypeatttechment tool i only can add a file after i created the blog.

Can you help me please?



  • What wrong with Embed plugin (in Elgg core by default)?

  • Hello RvR

    Please can you specify what you mean? I use the blog plugin, there is no oportunity to add a file while creating an article. I also use the hypeatttechment plugin, to add a file to an existing article.

    So please, what do you mean with "Embed plugin" ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Go to Dashboard -> Plugins
    • You will see 'Embed' plugin
    • Activate it
    • Now when creating a blog post you'll see the menu 'Embed content' on the top of visual editor next to 'Edit HTML'
    • Using this you can upload and embed any file into your posts
  • Thank you very much for your help.

    I have activated it, but it does currently not work. But i am looking forward to find the error.

    thank you

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