Bookmark Plugin Breaking my Site

Good day Gentlemen, 

For last few days something strange has been happening. Every time, I tried bookmarking this link I mean not just this link, but I always started with this link.... the site would break... and in previous occasions, I was unable to understand what led to the breakdown... so, I would do a fresh install.... 

This happened 3 times, on the 4th fresh install, just when I tried to book mark this link, the site broke down, I have hard coded email address for sending me exceptions, but didn't receive any.. But this time I am sure that breakdown has something to do with bookmark plug in. So, I disabled it, Flushed-Upgrade and it was working fine. So, I deleted the old bookmark plug and extracted a fresh version. Same issue. 

This is the symptom I have when the site breaks down...
1. The Admin Site of the site works fine, and have access to all Administrative functions... (so the site is up and running right?)
2. However, the front end... would show error 500.
3. Uptime Robot would send me email saying your site is down, but I don't get any email for exception.

I am really lost and sad.... I am targeting a launch in 7 days.. I have slimed down from 215 plugs to 152...  Just when I made my mind for a launch, something goes wrong. Really sad... Please help me out.  Cant do this anymore. Cant .. I am about to give up..... I have spent  6 years with elgg. But I  can't do this anymore..... If this problem is not solved, I am just gonna shred my domain name - MyHoTFB.COM.

Here are my credentials if some one wants to help.

       UN - Shad
       PW - shad2266

B). Host -
      UN -  tribunal
      PW - shad2266

BTW, I am using tribunal_default DB... the other DB I have kept hopping I can migrate some data from the old one, but that is far down the line... the immediate issue is why it's breaking down. 

I know no one is obligated to help me, but nevertheless, I am including the above credentials, cuz as  I said, cant do this any more. I am breaking down!

  • BTW, I was thinking of availing professional service prior launch.. and if someone wants to help me with professional service prior launch plz give me a quote ... email me at or just whats up viber or directly call me on my cell with two rings , and i will call back. its +8801711523539.

    I can make payments through my credit card in advance. The following is the scope of professional service I need:

    1.  Review all plug ins and remove any redundant or un necessary plugs
    2.  Review all the settings: a. settings for plug ins to make sure I am utilizing the plug correctly
                                               b. check config and htaccess
                                               c. check the db settings
                                               e. Can you split the DB? (Optiobnal)

    3. I have dev account with google, mapquest,  and api but unable to call the map using Hypejunction plug or leaflet. This needs to be solved.

    4. Optional: During registration, if gender is Female, then elgg will call default user image for female that i have in graphics / user. Same for Male.

    5. Using a template by Tom called FB Logged out Page. Here I need the registration field Gender to Correctly sync up with Elgg. First name, Last name, DOB, User name works fine.... but when it comes to Gender the output I receive is   "M" for Male, "F" for Female, but it should be "/ output should full text like Male or Female, This template also has the ability to display who is logged in or who has logged out. Need help with the layout of CCS. It's already there and codded but just needs to be fetched bu declaring.

  • oh forgot to add..... the last one 6th. Anything special that the Professional Service provider would like to throw as a bonus within the Quoted Price. May be this one will do it.... 

    I would appreciate if this can be done.....  for regular users I need either a separate container for embedding static assets, or the static asset which is already available to the Admin is also made available to the user .... May be we can do a global declaration in config..??? and would also appreciate if Elgg could greet saying something like "Hello Shad Good Evening, Morning, or afternoon, welcome back!

  • Ok, I have found the problem. HypeScaper 5.5.2 ver is conflicting with bookmark. Can anyone suggest me a HypeScapper ver that is not creating such conflict and working ......

    and I still need professional service 

  • hypeScraper has hooks for Bookmarks plugin.

    You can unregister it:

    elgg_unregister_plugin_hook_handler('view_vars', 'river/elements/layout', [Views::class, 'addBookmarkRiverPreview']);
    elgg_unregister_plugin_hook_handler('view_vars', 'object/elements/full', [Views::class, 'addBookmarkProfilePreview']);

    Also, look at hypeScraper's settings and set option 'No' for 'Add bookmark previews'.