SOS - Need Immediate Help To Take My Site Offline - I am gona crash!

Kindly please help!. Plz
I can give u site admin access and also hosting access. Kindly pls help.

  • Any brother with a heart? I am unable to take the site off line all in a sudden. I must go offline.

  • My site wont go on Maintenance mode... this happened all in a sudden. Should I make it off line from database?

  • Should I make it off line from database?

    No. But you must backup DB and data immediately

  • Maybe first checking the error log to find out what is causing the fatal error and then fixing this problem would be help. If you made any modifications in any files of your site immediately before the error started to occur you could revert these changes (and then maybe not making untested changes on your production site).

    If the problem is within a plugin, it could also help created a file that you name "disabled" (exactly this file name, content of file is irrelevant can even be empty) to stop the plugins getting loaded. Then you could access the site /admin area again to deactivate the problematic plugin (and then you could remove the "disabled" file again for the other plugins getting loaded again).

    If it's not a file change (and the log doesn't provide more info either) check the db tables for example in phpMyAdmin. Maybe a table has an error and needs to get repaired.

  • If you still have admin access you better deactivate all the third party plugin & try putting the website in maintenance mode..