Generating Responsive Content - Very Important Topic

Elgg in the present state does not allow content publication using mobile devices cuz the visual editor function is simply not there, and even if it is possible to generate content, it would only be possible by an experienced coder who can work without the editor, but such is absolutely not possible by a user like myself.

The important thing is when publishing content using Lap or desktop  the generated content (Blog / Page / News) are not always mobile responsive. I have noticed this many times, actually too many times to be accurate. This is a issue that must be addressed. 

Take a look at one of my news post   - url is:

Using a PC, the post looks fine, but when accessing through mobile, the image (flag) is not proportionate though the Width is within the normal limits "680" ... and I have use image Width on many occasions and yet the content was generated as mobile responsive.

Furthermore, most other contents like Izap Video etc are also not mobile responsive,  It is because there is an issue with Elgg CCS or the Editor is not mobile responsive or may be individual modules / Plugs are an issue. The reason I question this is because most of the Blogs seems to appear well (could be better) using mobile and most of the rests are not necessarily mobile responsive particularly true for Izap Video.

What we can do to make the content more responsive for mobile devices or what Elgg can do to make it happen?

And Honestly, the Editor we have got is absolutely not working.... One should not have to spend 10 mins  in formatting it contents even when its's a copy paste. I have made some changes to the looks and appearance of the editor and added some extra functions, which should not have compromised the integrity of the editor The spell check doesn't work correctly, sometime Remove Format doesn't work.  Sometimes Spacing are not correct. Its a mess. Issue with image is always there. The Editor is "LIFE LINE" , and it's disappointing to see how poorly it performs. There are other simple editors integrated in open source emails like Round Mail, and even that works better than ours. 

Elgg must take care of this Editor issue cuz it's simply a show stopper. 

If someone wants to take a look please use the following username and password

TFBConsultant   - UN
TFBConsultant2266  - PW