Wire Plugin (Core)

Can some one please advise if an editor called be called within 'form' of  the wire (core) plugin by changing "plain text" to something like

elgg_view('output/longtext',   or 
echo elgg_view("input/longtext", array(  or
echo elgg_view('output/longtext', ['value' => $description]); or 

We already know that functional icons such as "Blog", "News" "Photo", "Video: can be used for wire ... but if an editor can be called within the form, it an be significant!  If possible, please advise generously and thoroughly.



  • Do you want to add the visual editor in TheWire's forms?

    Extend \mod\thewire\views\default\forms\thewire\add.php

    $post_input = elgg_view('input/longtext', array(
        'name' => 'body',
        'class' => 'mtm',
        'id' => 'thewire-textarea',
        'rows' => $num_lines,

    Keep on your mind: char limits will not work in this case.

  • Dear RvR,
    Really appreciate thie help. I will try this out and try to incorporate icons aa well.