A solution

Installed on a fresch server.
Tried twice to install Elgg but got twice the same eroor:

Fatal Error.

An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged.
Contact the site administrator with the following information:
Exception at time 1550868624.

Installed an other application that runs just fine. I am the site administrator.
I have no clue how to solve this and any suggestion is very welcome


  • Exception at time 1550868624.

    This is Unix time stamp. Check your server logs to find errors that occured on this time.

  • Have you found out what's wrong, i.e. have you found the entry that's written in the error log at the time the fatal error occurs and maybe already got it working without error?

    If the error still occurs, you would give us more details about the conditions the error occurs. Does it happen during installation and if yes at which step exactly? Or after installation? I the latter is the case, what are you trying to do exactly at the time the error occurs?

  • I've installed with Softaculous on the adminpage. That seems to be the problem. I have uninstalled , downloaded and installed by hand. Now the error is gone and I can configure. Took some time but I'm there ;-) Thanks for responding to my question and sorry I was a little late with mine. John