Migrating my elgg site to buddypress

My URL : https://safalaya.com . I am using elgg 1.8.19 . I want to migrate my site to buddypress with all the features of my current site for seo purposes . How can I do this ?

  • Buddypress is a feature of wordpress. I am not sure that it is possible via any plugin or by a simple migration process.

    You can do a database mapping but that would be a hell of a task. Alternatively you can do an export of all the objects from elgg and check how those object can be imported in wordpress via any custom script. There might be other solution as well but any solution you choose will required a hard core technical knowledge of both Elgg and Wordpress. Even if you find someone with such expertise, do ensure that all the plugin that you were using in Elgg has an equivalent plugin in Wordpress.

    For now, all I can say is all the best..!!


  • From the two choices (updating your site from Elgg 1.8 to a newer Elgg version or migrating the Elgg site to Buddypress) I would think that upgrading to a newer Elgg version is much easier!

    With a newer version of Elgg you could also try some plugins like https://elgg.org/plugins/2397576 or https://elgg.org/plugins/2626263 for improving SEO.