Exclude a subdirectory (recursively) from being handled by Elgg?

We have Elgg installed in the root of a "slice", and it's a standard set up of v.2.3.8 (build 2016092300).

I want to be able to have one directory (and its subdirectories) accessible outside of Elgg. I have played with some MOD_REWRITE rules in the .htaccess, and done some searching on this, but failed to be able to solve it myself. Searching in the Elgg discussion groups yields many unhelpful hits. :( This situation isn't addressed in the DOCs.

I imagine this is a fairly routine thing -- can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks!

  • If the folder exists it will not come under elgg. This is the default feature you don't need to do anything extra.

    Ensure that the "one directory" has an index.php file.

  • Thanks, Rohit. That's what I needed to know. My mistake was that I had put a test "index.html" file in my new folder, and the standard .htaccess requires only "index.php" as a "default handler".

    I thought this must be more simple than I was making it! ;-)