Archive files

Hi - how can I easily archive old files? My host is great but expensive for storage. If I want to archive everything older than x weeks or months, is there a simple way to do this? Thanks :)

  • Sorry to say but I don't think there's any ready-to-use solution available for this.

    I came across the File Takeout plugin ( that would allow users to download their files. But it has been released for Elgg 1.9 and it might no longer fully work (or not work anymore at all) on more recent versions of Elgg. And it's not exactly what you are looking for anyway. Still, it might be possible to use this plugin as starting point to first update the code to work on Elgg 2.3 and then maybe restrict usage to admins only with allowing downloading all files of all users (maybe limited to files older than a certain time only). If this solution would be good might be another question as restoring any archived files (and the comments made to it) might be another requirement. Also deletion by date might not be the best (or only) filtering that would make sense as one single large video file only recently added might hurt much more than a 1000 images files with regards to disc space usage.