Elgg framework for static website

It's kind of a funny question but I want to explore the possibilities with elgg.

Would it be possible to use only Elgg's route and view feature and nothing else.

The idea is to host static website. Here's what I was thinking, elgg has a great way to maintain its plugin and the views are auto generated based on the theme configuration. This way I have a static route, I have the content defined in my source code and If I want to change the theme of the site, i will just need to change the source code of the theme and my pages will be auto updated.

I don't want any feature like user registration or the feature of the core plugin. I just need to create static pages.

Will it be possible to do this without installing elgg's database? 

I am open to other ideas as well.

  • You would need a database in any case because Elgg handles site settings, plugins settings and some other core stuff with the database even without groups, users and user created content. And you would have the admin users in any case (even for only enabling/disabling plugins).

    I guess you could create a Elgg site that only serves static content. But you would have to customize it - and if only to hide / disable functionality like user registration that is directly implemented in Elgg core and not handled by a plugin (even if you can create a plugin to modify, disable or hide this functionality). I think I never tried how an Elgg installation looks with all plugins disabled. But if you would try that, you would see what remains that might be unnecessary on a "static" Elgg site.