LDAP Plugin configuration | LDAP - Elgg 2.3.10

By Zenu

Anyone have any luck with configuring the LDAP plugin?

OS: Ubuntu 18, running the PHP LDAP 

Elgg: 2.3.10

LDAP Pluggin config

Host Name: ldap://servername.domain.com

LDAP port: 389

LDAP protocol ver. 3

LDAP Bind DN: cn=serviceaccount,OU=OU Name,DN=domain,DN=com

LDAP Bind password= :)xxxxxxx

Based DN:DN=domain,DN=com

​Username filter attribute: I have tried cn, sAMAccountNme

Search attributes= firstname:givenname, lastname:sn, mail:mail

Create user = on


when I try a user from LDAP it failed, keeps say bad/username and password and yes my creds are correct

Error in log --PST): "ldap_search(): Search: Operations error" in file /var/www/html/elgg/mod/ldap_auth/classes/LdapServer.php (line 102), referer: http://domain.com/