Changing the Layout of a page (market plugin)


I'm playing around with the market plugin, and I wanted to have it look a bit better, Thats why I want the Text after Category, Type, Condition and so on to be in line (vertically). Can someone give me a little hint where to find and edit that in whatever file?

Second thing is, that when you click on "Send private message", its goes to the message page, but not with the seller as receiver. (The field with receiver is blank and has to be filled in by hand) Is it possible to change that, so that the seller get filled in automatically?

edit: I found the file which makes this:

market\views\default\object\market\profile.php (1 hit)
    Line 79:                             'href' => "messages/compose?send_to={$owner->guid}",

But when I click on "send message", it doesnt fill in the guid in the link (send_to= <- empty). Is that fixable?

Third issue: Nothing happens, when I click on "Kommentieren" to comment the market ad. Also there is a little star which says it's mandatory to comment, but that doesnt make any sense. Why is that?

edit: The problem here seems to be the TinyMCE Editor. With it disabled, commenting works.