Changing the Layout of a page (market plugin)


I'm playing around with the market plugin, and I wanted to have it look a bit better, Thats why I want the Text after Category, Type, Condition and so on to be in line (vertically). Can someone give me a little hint where to find and edit that in whatever file?

Second thing is, that when you click on "Send private message", its goes to the message page, but not with the seller as receiver. (The field with receiver is blank and has to be filled in by hand) Is it possible to change that, so that the seller get filled in automatically?

edit: I found the file which makes this:

market\views\default\object\market\profile.php (1 hit)
    Line 79:                             'href' => "messages/compose?send_to={$owner->guid}",

But when I click on "send message", it doesnt fill in the guid in the link (send_to= <- empty). Is that fixable?

Third issue: Nothing happens, when I click on "Kommentieren" to comment the market ad. Also there is a little star which says it's mandatory to comment, but that doesnt make any sense. Why is that?

edit: The problem here seems to be the TinyMCE Editor. With it disabled, commenting works.



  • Please can anyone tell me how to change the layout of this page? Do I have to look into the files of the market plugin, the theme or some basic elgg files?


    For example, what should I do if I want the picture next to Category, Price and so on?

  • @elmaxos, You can change Market plugin for elgg to work like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, or even many more. Here is market running on a custom theme design , I just worked on it for a few hours. Hope to finish it soon.

  • Thank you, but I dont understand how this is related to elgg? How can I integrate this theme into elgg?

  • @Tom is this plugin available on elgg also i tried your youtube style video page its not working for 2.3

  • @worldopensources , The market plugin is not available on Elgg for download yet. Was working on elgg 2.3 market plugin theme then here we are now talking of elgg 3.X. On Youtube style video plugin latest plugin version, I could not upload my latest version on Elgg community for some error reasons. I tried four times and still the plugin could not upload. Hope I wont have that issue on new 3.X Elgg community versions. However you can try the latest version on TwizaNex and once I am done upgrading my plugins, I will upload them for download.

  • @elmaxos , Yes this the Market plugin for Elgg that I was developing for  Elgg Version 2.3 and Now I have to upgrade it to Elgg 3.X version. It is not available on Elgg community for download yet but hope to upgrade it to latest Elgg 3.X versions and then will make it available for download.

  • @Tom, Cool thanks for the info, hope that elgg 3 will be fully available soon, aswell as your plugin

    I just have one question: How can I Change the layout of the available market plugin for elgg? Do I have to Change the plugin or the theme I'm using? And in either case: Which file might it be? I tried a couple of market plugin files, and I was able so Change some of the Content, but not the layout (like how much space is there and the size of Pictures and so on).

  • @elmaxos, Marketplace for Elgg plugin is not ready for production yet... it is still in development mode so do not use it on a production site yet! I just uploaded it on TwizaNex for you to see how you can create a theme for Elgg market plugin. if you have a plugin called Market in your Elgg plugins Mod folder, Deactivate and rename or move your current Market plugin to another folder on your elgg Mod folder before uploading and activating this plugin!. Let me know if you have any questions.

    The Elgg market plugin theme is responsive, modern and easier to navigate. Try it and modify it to your taste.

  • Thanks Tom, I just tested your plugin. It looks very nice, but some of the features dont work. I would try to fix that myself but I have so little time right now.
    But good work anyhow, I'm looking forward to further releases

  • still I'm having one question. Since your market plugin is (at least I guess so) based on the market plugin I was using before, can you tell me where I can change the layout of the page where all the products are listed? I want it way more narrow, and I dont know where to find the file that controlls this? Is it in the theme or somewhere in the plugin?