Inquiry regarding OXWALL’s features and functionalities

Hi There,


I am looking for a CMS template to build a simple social/dating website when and Elgg popped up. So I was wondering if it supports the following features/functionalities:


  • Responsive on all devices
  • Users to be able to pay for messaging and/or subscription
  • User should be able to register, to have public and private profile also public and private photos.
  • Users to be able to edit and add custom fields on their profile page
  • Admin should also be able to edit those fields/profile pages
  • Users to be able to filter search results, based on those fields
  • IP Geo detection function? Showing users in your area?
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Are gifts or badges also available/active, which are to be given on a subscription or user rank basis?
  • Any performance issues? Browsing experience should be smooth.

Thank you so much in advance.

I am open to suggestions, if you think that this particular CMS is not appropriate for this.

  • I was wondering if it supports the following features/functionalities

    The short answer is yes.
    It's not out of the box but there're some plugins already that can extend Elgg with your requirements.
    If you're a developer you can create a website using Elgg and plugins.
    If not, then it will be difficult for you to make it work as you need.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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