looking for a simple video/youtube upload plugin

hi, i'm looking for any sort of video upload or youtube url plugin to add to comments in discussions and other places, i have the embedlycards one but it only works on the wire and activity :(

I'v checked all the video/youtube plugins but none seem to work and they are all old.


There is one that make the blogs have a video which i liked the sound of but it didn't work.



any help would be great thank you 


  • @RvR how do i get this editor to work with the plugins you suggested please ? 



  • I was wrong about CKeditor's additional plugins. There are no addon 'media'.
    Use Extended TinyMCE plugin.
    IMO, CKeditor sucks.

  • I dont see one on the tinymce plugin, i'm just wanting them to easily add a youtube url, i don't even need or want everything else in the editor :/ 




  • Open this file:


    In this string:

    plugins: "advlist autolink autoresize charmap code colorpicker emoticons fullscreen hr image insertdatetime link lists paste preview print searchreplace table textcolor textpattern wordcount",

    Delete those plugins that you don't use.

    For example:

    plugins: "image link lists preview",

    Now add 'media' plugin:

    plugins: "image link lists preview media",

    Next step is removing buttons from toolbar.

    In this string:

    toolbar: [
                    "newdocument preview fullscreen print | undo redo | searchreplace | pastetext | styleselect | fontselect | fontsizeselect | bold italic underline | removeformat | bullist numlist | outdent indent | align | insertdatetime | charmap | hr | table | forecolor backcolor | link unlink | image | emoticons | blockquote" + (elgg.is_admin_logged_in() ? " | code" : "")

    Remove unnecessory buttons.

    For example:

    toolbar: [ "preview | undo redo | styleselect | bold italic underline | removeformat | bullist numlist | align | link unlink | image | blockquote" ],

    Now add your 'media' button:

    toolbar: [ "preview | undo redo | styleselect | bold italic underline | removeformat | bullist numlist | align | link unlink | image media | blockquote" ],

    Run 'Flush the caches'.

  • @RvR thank that's work but .. 


    it shows here



    i doesn't show when i press send, i cleared all caches and tested in incog mode etc 






    also my 'dashboard' buttons missing :/    (i know the url anyways so it's not important)



  • What happens to the posted video when you disable the htmlawed plugin?

  • Maybe https://elgg.org/plugins/2641523 is of some use (or better the latest version of it from https://github.com/hypeJunction/hypeEmbed/releases). I never tried it though, so I can't speak by own experience. Also to note is that the development has been stopped for the time being, so you can't expect new releases for new versions of Elgg for the time being.

  • @RvR nothing happened sorry


    that htmlawed plugin says it needs staying on as it's unsafe if turned off, it's back on anyways but no video showing still



  • Tinymce media plugin uses iframes to embed the video player (or in general the media to be embedded hosted on other sites) within postings. This won't work with htmlawed enabled because this plugin filters out the iframe html code because the src tag of an iframe could not only contain a harmless url (like from a youtube video) but a user with bad intentions could use the iframe to embed possibly very risky code that would allow for infecting the computer of the user who would later view this posting with malware. Therefore, you should NEVER disable the htmlawed plugin on a production site (not much sense in doing even on a development / testing site). It also won't help if only the input (on saving the posting) would not be filtered (or not filtered for example for admins only) because also the output will go through htmlawed later on for every other user who views the posting.

    So, on Elgg 2 there's no way to make use of the media plugin to embed content from other sites. But this might change on Elgg 3 because the htmlawed functionality has been slightly enhanced if I remember correctly and finally supports the secondary config array the htmlawed script offers. Within this specs array it's possible to provide some additional filter rules that would allow for allowing iframes if the src tag they contain has an url from certain sites, i.e. it would be possible to whitelist form example youtube video urls. I had no time yet to work on that but if possible in any way with Elgg 3 I want to add this functionality in a future version of the Extended Tinymce plugins.

    Right now I think there aren't many options to allow for embedding content (if not an image) from other sites directly in postings on Elgg 2. The hypeEmded plugin I linked in my last posting might be the only option right now. For older versions of Elgg there is the Embed Extender plugin (https://elgg.org/plugins/787632) but it has never been updated from Elgg 2.x as far as I know.

  • ok @iionly so what u r saying is i can't without doubt add videos to my site ? why all the youtube plugins then ? 


    i don't get it buddy, i'll have to get rid of this platform then, it won't work with my crowd unfortunately


    i'v never known any platform big or tiny tiny small that can't upload videos safely.  


    and how come the iframe widget works with the htmlawded plugin on ?