My Email from Server goes to Spam folder

I have set up email on my server with postfix when i try to send email from my server terminal to gmail its always going for spam folder i have even have ssl and encrypted outgoing mail still its going for spams whats wrong why its going for SPAM folder how to make it geniuine in inbox, pls note its brand new domain name thanks

  • I had a similar problem and started using mailgun as a mail server. It is free for the first 10,000 emails a month and very reasonable beyond that.

  • Did you use any elgg plugin that works for mailgun, could you share info on how did you set up 

  • No plugin, you just set your dns to resolve their servers

  • If the server has a low credibility (by definition of the email providers) the mails (especially almost identical mails like the validations mails) can easily result in being marked as spam. As new server can quickly get a bad credibility if there are mainly the quite identical mails sent.

    To improve the credibility there are several things you can set up on your server to allow for email providers verifying the origin of the emails and check if the sender is valid:

    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF),
    • DomainKeys,
    • valid PTR record for inverse DNS lookups.

    They need to be set up on the server for example in CPanel. Though it depends on the hosting environment if you are even allowed to configure these things on your own (most likely you will not be allowed to set up the PTR record yourself but only your hoster). I would suggest to get in contact with support of your hoster and ask them to help you.

    It's important to allow the email providers to check the origin and credibility of the sender. Otherwise, you domain / IP address can quckly get blacklisted by one email provider (resulting sooner or later other email providers also no longer processing your emails as the also check the blacklists). You should also check if your server is already in a blacklist. Often used is Another site was but it now redirects to (not sure if they still hosts mailserver blacklists). You should check if your IP address (specifically the IP used by the mail server) and/or domain are in their blacklists. If this is the case you can request to be removed. But the removal would only be temporarily if you won't improve the credibility of your server.