Want to really improve notifications and emails from elgg

I have question if some one sends message to a user does it sends a email to them in elgg? i have not seen email messages coming dont know if its a functionality implemented or not

Also if some one add as you as friend and sent friend request does it sends emial notification ? have not seen email messages as well.

Is there a plugin to have this nice email notification features if its not core functiionlty?



  • It's a core functiionlty. Learn docs. Use search and read the existing topics: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Several things:

    • the Notification plugin needs to be enabled for handling the notifications,
    • if you also want on-site notifications the Site Notifications plugin also need to be enabled,
    • the notifications are handled by Elgg by a scheduler, i.e. the notifications are not sent immediatelly but put into a queue that gets processed once per minute. For the processing of the queue to happen you need to have the "minute" cronjob set up on your server,
    • Each user can configure in the user settings (Notifcation settings and Group notification settings) which notifcations he wants to get and which methods he wants to get them with (email and/or site notifcations).

    Assuming that your server is capable of sending mails coming from Elgg (e.g. validation emails are working), you need to make sure that the other steps to get email notifications are also correctly set up.