Help fixing this again please - missing access level name

hi there, sorry again i would like help fixing this because it's come back i don't know why.

It only shows on certain widgets in the group and that's it, it works when i set it and makes it private, so i would just like to know where this text is in the files please so i can change it to 'private' 


thank you 


  • How so ? 

    all my other widgets and fields say 'public'  but just a few say 'missing access level' but this still works like private 


    where do i find this text please in the files to change ? 



  • You can't fix it through editing text. You did something in groups or on the site and now it appears.

    Read this iionly's reply.

  • @RvR ok thank you i understand now, i tried disabling the wiretools plugin for groups but that didn't work so i'm going to leave it, it's only on a few widgets and the user will figure it out it works like private anyways.


    so thank you :) all fixed 

  • As far as I know the "Missing access level name" only shows up when you have enabled the "Restrict pages to logged in users" option. With this option enabled the "Public" access level gets unregistered by the Elgg engine to avoid users selecting this access level as there's no way for logged-out users to see "public" content anyway (as long as everything works as intended - and with the public access level unregistered the unintented access should get prevented).

    Now some plugins might not use the access level input view within their code but implement some code of their own to display the access level dropdown. And by doing so they are trying to display also the unregisted public access level and failing to do so without some glitches, i.e. they don't get the output name of the public access level displayed.

    Trying to fix this issue by changing the language string "Missing access level name" to something else is not really a good solution. The better way (though maybe not as fast to get a result) would be to inform the plugin developers of these plugins where the problem occurs and ask them to fix it and publish a new version of their plugins where this problem no longer occurs. One way to inform the developers is by opening an issue on the github repository where this plugin is hosted (you could link this discussion topic here when doing so). When the developers of a plugin don't know about a problem (e.g. they might never have tested with the walled-garden option enabled) they will very likely not fix it.

  • ok thank you @iionly 

    i have a plugin  Profile Metadata Fix suppose to fix this but it doesn't, so i'v just left it


    thank you anyways :)