Has anyone produced a theme that mimics the standard ELGG one as I would like to start modifying my sites theme without actually torpedoing the default one and having to constantly reload it.

Many thanks in advance.

  • Cloning the Aalborg theme plugin is not difficult. You would only need to change the 3 function names in start.php (instead of the aalborg_theme prefix you would use a prefix corresponding to the name you give your plugin) and change the name accordingly in start.php where these 3 functions are called. You would also change the folder name of views/default/aalborg_theme (and where this folder name is used in start.php in elgg_extend_view) and you would have to change the plugin folder name in views.php according to the name you give your plugin folder (corresponding to the name of your theme). Lastly, you would update name and id in manifest.xml. I think that's all. All the other files within the views folder should be plugin independent, i.e. mainly Elgg core views that the Aalborg theme modifies and overrides (and which you can modify then in the same manner).