trouble finding members in messages

hi there, i'm having trouble with the To: field not finding members, there's no search box that pops up and i only get the number 922 ( as in image below) when i press the message button from their profile page.

i'v added a few plugins but deactivated ones and moved to top etc but i can't seem to fix it.


help please


thank you 


  • @jmperu hi there, sorry that didn't worked




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    I give all the list of plugins installed on our site that works



  • When you go via "Send a message" from a user's profile page the "To" field is not an input field. Instead of the To input you would see the user of the profile page you came from already selected as recipient. Instead of the number you should see the display name of this user. The number you see instead is the user guid. For some reason this doesn't get replaced correctly on your site as it seems. Do you see a delete button on the right of the number? If not, this would be another sign that something is wrong (clicking on the delete button would reset the selected recipient and you would get the input field where you could select another user as recipient).

    I can only guess that some plugin is interferring. Maybe the fastest way to figure out if some plugin is causing the problem is to disable all 3rd party plugins temporarily. If the issue is still there then, you would know that no plugin is causing the problem. But if it's no longer occuring you can enable all plugins again one by one to find out which one is causing the problem. It might also help to look into the server error log and the browser's webconsole to see if there are any errors logged at the time you open the Send a message page from a profile page. Any error displayed might give a hint what's wrong.

  • thank you, i don't see the delete button so i'm going to check all plugins like you said


  • ok i'v checked the plugins and none of them make a difference


    "server error log and the browser's webconsole"   how do i do this please ? i checked on the other alborg theme aswell but the same.


  • ignore this thank you, i'v fixed it :)



    thank you for help