How to reset the days on a plugin

Hi there, i added the 'who viewed me' plugin but the dates wrong, i tested it with this account yesterday, how do reset it please so it works ?


I'v tried everything like clear cache, unstall the plugin etc etc 


thank you 


  • The date of visiting the profile page of a user as such is not saved at all. With this plugin there's a relationship (that's a data type of Elgg) created between the two users involved. The creation time (converted to date) of this relationship entry is taken as the date that gets displayed.

    I think the Who Viewed Me plugin might be not fully functional (either due to no longer being fully compatible with Elgg 2.3 or it might have never fully worked on Elgg 2). The problem might either be that the creation of the relationship fails (maybe a permission issue with creating the database entry as a normal user). Or it might be that reading the relationship data fails (again could be a permission issue). Also, the option to delete the relationship (there's an action in the plugin for that) seems not fully implemented. So, it might be necessary to clean up the code of the plugin and bring it fully up to date (or at least fix it).

    An alternative to Who Viewed Me could the the iZAP Profile Visitor plugin ( It provided a widget for profile pages that displays the most recent visitors. There's no date of the visit displayed though and there's also no separate page that lists the latest visitors. It's just the widget. But the latest release should work fine on Elgg 2.3. It's the only plugin of mine I haven't released here on the community site due to the license (GPLv3) used by the original developer is not (officially at least) supported here on the community site.

  • @iionly thank you, i swapped over to the izap :) 


    thank you