Spammers Ruining My Elgg Site

I have published, and keep upgrading, an Elgg site,, which attempts to grow a community interested in discussing aspects of fairness in our lives. The site, however, is overrun by spammers, on the order of 20 daily, which force me to keep deleting them while pining for real people interested in forming a real community. This cascade of spam seems to me to be a threat to Elgg's viability overall. How do you feel about that?

  • Do you use any Anti-Spam plugin(s) on our site? See I would recommend to use at least the Spam Login Filter plugin. When using this plugin you should also register at the StopForumSpam website because you then have the option to report the spammers when deleting their accounts. This will reduce the probability that they can register again later with the same IP address. Using a captcha plugin might also help a bit additionally. My http:blacklist plugin might be of some help (it works similar than the Spam Login Filter plugin but with a different blacklist. It's not as successful than the StopForumSpam database as the sources used for the blacklist are slightly different but it might still stop some spammers occasionally). The Spam Throttle and Trusted User Spam Report plugin can also help to reduce spam (also with help of your users who can report spam postings) if the spammers get through the register process even with Spam Login Filter / a captcha used.

    All these plugins can only help to reduce spam. A 100% success rate is quite impossible unfortunately. But with the use of these plugins and consequently reporting and deleting any spammers it might improve the situation at least considerably (harder to get through might demotivate them hopefully at least a bit).

  • Unfortunately Im going through this as well..just added the recaptcha plugin..hopefully that helps me!

  • I am using Spam Login Filter along with Spam Throttle

    This has reduced spam on my website by 80%-90%

  • I use this plugin galliTextCaptcha i think it needs you to register to a site to get random text questions to answer, without registering (which i couldn't for some reason) it only gives 1 question every time, but you can change it in files to whatever you want.


    there's a url in the files somewhere that takes you to an rss feed page, it changes question on refresh but i didn't know how to add it sorry.