After engaging in a feud with Facebook, and Facebook's attempt to bully , intimidate and even activities of  social hacking me to a point, I deactivated my account and went back to MySpace.... but FB dispatched hackers to Myspace too and intimidated me there as well. Hacked my email accounts, email lists, and impersonated my friends and kept sending me threatening msg. HaT shocked....  helpless, I kept the network cable of my PC, unplugged. My Phone started working funny so, I switched off my router. I was afraid to even go online. 

Got rid of my  2 Desktop, 3 Laptop OS. Got Fedora USB Drive OS to go online. Changed all my passwords, and even closed MySpace. But remained active on Microsoft Network. They came for me there too, but Microsoft Security Team bailed me out. 

I have a masters degree in computer science, and specialize in Telecommunication Networks largely PSTN. I had a career with Verizon, and AT&T and I worked on ILEC, and CLEC site..... All, I understood was ATM, and Fujitsu Circuits, AND POT.  I am not a programmer by any standard. Anyways, I reactivated my FB Account and with a BIG MOUTH & Sharp Tongue announced that I am going to launch a social networking site like FB. 

Got a free re-seller hosting, registered myhotfb.com and remained clueless for 3/4 years. AND THEN I CAME ACROSS ELGG.
Elgg gave me a Voice, a Platform, and Hundreds of Awesome Plugins to make a  Functional Alternative Social Network Service, and Online Community. It's super easy to install and a typical core installation takes less than 5 minutes, and 1/2 days to Scale it, and bring it to a point where the site can be opened up for user registration.

It's  powerful, and can run on a cheap VPS host with Performance, Stability, and 99.9% Up-time Availability, I find it easier than WordPress. Actually, I never understood how to work with word press. It's very complicated.

I would grade ELGG with PAID Enterprise Content Management Systems. Elgg has withstand the test of time and engaged in active development, versioning, testing, and subsequent new stable releases stay relevant with latest Web Technology. 

The best part is the ELGG COMMUNITY. It;s made of Geo Diverse Awesome People with Heart, and true commitment for Open Source Solution. The Community is SUPER DUPER HELPFUL. Like other CMS they don't solicit payments..... Elgg , the Core Developers, and the Community has given a true definition of Open Source. They Walk the Talk. 

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE............. Its me. I am the lose end with wild ideas and every time I bring up MyHoTFB.COM to a STAGE FOR OPENING UP REGISTRATION.... I do something crazy and nuts. I don't know what happens to me, I change core files, upload different version of jquery files, or change setting.php file, or htaccess. or adventure into database correction or jump into an idea of trying to Fusion something. Take some parameters from  Elgg 3.x RC version setting.php  file and put it in 2.3x .. and end up with Exception Error.  Just few weeks ago had this crazy idea of blocking all bots including GOOGLE through htaccess and mess up everything... ... Go about myself in trying to define REDIS., VARNISH use some random scripting  ................ + more and more..


But the sweet thing is ........ as fast as I crash due to my stupidity, I come back up even faster. Just today, god know why I changed moment.js added luxon.min.js, added different version of lightbox.js and added fancybox to the browser asset............

and now I think i broke myhotfb.com again... and switched to maintenance mode, I will fix it........ by deleting vendor directory completely and extract a fresh one to get going. ....

THE CONCLUSION... I think ELGG like an Egg and it hatches for real, and works for real, and it's so well defined and documented that It can be called the most powerful social network engine for dummies like me.... 

YEA - I will get rid of the habit of playing with the production server.

ELGG is a FIVE START - Round the Year Open Source Social Engine Superstar.  Soon, I will have MyHOTFB.COM running because, I have all the backups ..... and generosity of a hosting company who never charged me a penny for last 7/8 years and a Social Engine that never stops running, and a talent pool of Community Help. 

Zuckerberg u will soon regret...  u got  employees u got 2 pay. I got the ENTIRE OPENSOURCE COMMUNITY. your FB will submit to MyHoTFB.COM SOON.