Please Provide Suggestions on Installing 'DokuWiki' on Elgg Root Directory - crazy Idea, but I think it is possible - please read

I want to install DoKuWiKi. The rational choice would be to use a sub domain like and as a matter of fact, I have this sub domain ready.

But I am thinking of uploading and extract the  DoKuWiKi on /www/ and rename it simply as 'wiki'. Run the install as > and the install goes well, and I have the configuration as 1 Super User ACL for  DoKuWiKi  Plugins and Extensions management, and the wiki is open to Public for Writing, Open Wiki Pages, Articles and Open Collaborations on Various Topics. 

The thing is no how you install the DoKuWiKi , I mean either as sub domain or a mywikidomain,com, it doesn't by default enable its .htaccess instead  it appears as htaccess,distribution. So you have to manually rename it for to .htaccess, but what if I don't do that, and instead use elgg's .htaccess to rewrite rules and files for it? 

POSSIBLE? or may be I need a slap on my face, and I need to go to bed cuz, stayed up on Coffee and Redbull for last 2 days..... and it's clouding judgement.  I know Elgg Community has done a lot for me. I have tried many CMS but at the end of the day returned home and my home is Elgg. 

  • @MyHoTFB.COM

    This is elgg community and support on DoKuWiKi will not be available here. However, I have gone through the htaccess file of DoKuWiKi and it hardly matter if you use htaccess or not as the file does only 2 things.

    1. Hide README, COPYING or VERSION files from external user
    2. Hide .git folder from external user

    So it does ok if you are not using the htaccess.

    Once again. This is elgg community not DoKuWiKi.