Tokenizing Autocomplete for Elgg using "elgg_tokeninput" Plugin Breaks my Site - NEED HELP - SOS!

I am using hype wall and hype matchmaker plugin. For both the plugs,  particularly the hype matchmaker to work correctly, "elgg_tokeninput"  is suggested. I am obsessed with these plugins, and every time I install  "elgg_tokeninput" from hypejunction git, it beaks the messing functionality including unable to load  / call user using @ mention. This kept happening and I don;t know why I kept repeating. Additionally, I want to use the Hype Scrapper, but  something always goes wrong. 

This happened now almost for 20th times, and now I know, I can't figure this out myself..... 

Can someone please tell me for Hype Wall, and Hype Matchmaking to work correctly, if  "elgg_tokeninput"  plugin is indeed required? Is there an alternative?  Please Help!

  • I was going through the manifest for HypeWall ( and I saw that elgg_tokeninput was a suggested plugin. When a plugin's manifest is referring to another plugin as suggest, then it means the plugin will work without the plugin however it is "suggested" to use the other plugin as some of the feature may be dependent on it.

    So you have to check, if your plugin is fulfilling your feature requirement without the elgg_tokeninput plugin then don't use it. on the other hand, if you find that the feature you require is not working then you would be needing elgg_tokeninput.

    Note: I was not able to find the Hype Matchmaking repo but the same answer is applicable for this plugin also.

    I use hypewall and I did not put tokeninput it's a suggestion not required
    Requiert Version d'Elgg >= 2.3 2.3.8 OK
    Suggère Plugin: hypeScraper >= 5.0.0 5.5.0 OK
    Suggère Plugin: hypeAttachments N'importe lequel 2.2.2 OK
    Suggère Plugin: access_grant N'importe lequel -- Manquant
    Suggère Plugin: elgg_tokeninput N'importe lequel -- Manquant
    Suggère Plugin: hypeDropzone >= 4.0.0 5.0.1 OK
    Suggère Plugin: hypeLists >= 3.5 4.1.5 OK
    Fournit Plugin: hypeWall 5.2.0 -- OK