A suggestion please

Could anyone cite, types of pluguins that most affect the memory and productivity of elgg?

I believe to be, the plugins related to chats ..

Does this server configuration hold elgg with a high flow?
4 CPU Cores @ 3.1 GHz
32 GB of memory
2 TB of storage (RAID-1)
Unlimited bandwidth
3 dedicated IPs

If so, this is not enough to explain to me what to do to have high flow of multiple active users.
  • There're many reasons why this very good server configuration don't work as is.

    Check your server's logs. Check your PHP / DB logs. Check your server's / PHP / DB configs...

    Learn docs.

    Read this topic too.

  • Are you asking because you have any specific performance issue or is more a general question? The server specifications looks perfectly alright. Of course it depends on what you exactly mean by "high flow".

    Chat plugins could be a problem with many users chatting at the same time indeed. But it depends on which chat plugin you use (for example my Elggchat might really not be good for many users) as the syncronization of the chat session over the Elgg site (and its database) could cause quite a high amount of http and DB queries (as for a "live" chat you would want to check for updates every few seconds even if there's no new message available). I don't know if we currently have a good chat plugin for large Elgg sites. I think there was some initial work done on a chat plugin that would offer a chat without the Elgg site used as chat server but was a bit P2P instead. Not sure if this plugin ever got fully functional. I also wanted to create a WebRTC chat plugin for Elgg for a long time but never had the time to do so.

    Other plugins that might have high performace requirements could be any plugins offering file upload functionality. Specifically, hosting videos on site could be a bottleneck less due to people viewing the existing videos but rather due to the processing during the upload (e.g. conversion of the video into a useable format).

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