Elgg Has A Virus? Fails to Upload .zip To Server

I am trying to upload the .zip to my server (Namecheap) cPanel and I get this error:

"The file you uploaded, vendor.zip, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: {HEX}php.exe.globals.411.UNOFFICIAL FOUND"

Which file could this be so I can remove it and rebuild it on my server?


  • I received an email from my host about this. They are showing that the "virus" is located in  /home/*******/villagers.life/vendor/elgg/elgg/.scripts/check_global_requirements.php

    However ".scripts" is not in the vendor/elgg/elgg/ directory as I am checking it now. I originally tried to upload the Elgg zip and got the error and then I zipped the vendor and mods folders individually to narrow down where the so called virus was located.

    Can anybody here help me? I want to get this installed but this is my dilemma.



  • @GoReview.. Please do search the community before posting any discussion. This has already been discussed.


    The last comment of the above mentioned discussion state:

    If you install Elgg from zip and you don't intend to participate in Elgg core development you can drop the whole hidden vendor/elgg/elgg/.scripts/ directory and your Elgg installation should run perfectly fine.