Elgg Version and Softaculous

I just installed Elgg using Softaculous but it is only version 1.12.17. I don't know why it's not current. I clicked on the update in my admin panel and it is saying I have the most current version but how do I tell?

Do I need to ftp the newest version to my server or am I ok?



  • I never used Softaculous so I can't say much about it. But the point is that Elgg development is not connected with Softaculous in any way. If and how Softaculous supports the installation of Elgg is totally a matter of the people of Softaculous. The posting at https://www.softaculous.com/news/scripts/updated-elgg-to-2-3-10-17021.html seems to indicate that Softaculous would be capable of installing the latest stable Elgg version 2.3.10. So, if you only get offered version 1.12.17 it is likely caused by the Softaculous installer being outdated on your server. With the latest version of Softaculous the latest version of Elgg might also be available.

    On the other hand it's not too difficult to install Elgg on your own. You might come across a few issues if you have no experience at all with web applications. But they shouldn't be overwhelmingly difficult to get over if you follow http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/intro/install.html (and you could ask here if you get stuck). If you learn how to install and upgrade Elgg on your own independently from Softaculous, it's probably much better in the long run.

  • Cool. However when I tried to install the latest version, it got right to the end and gave me an error saying "Error in uploading requirements checker" I don't know what that meant. I have installed scripts simply by uploading the entire zip and extracting it into my directory. I did that too and my server said the Elgg folder had a virus and stopped the transfer. I know it doesn't and I don't know what would trigger that.

    I just hate ftp because it takes forever and sometimes files don't get transferred and I have to end up going through each file to see wheat is missing which ends up taking hours. But I have no choice at this time so I'm ftpeeing the files now and because Elgg with it's plugins solve my requirements in a social network even the paid ones.


  • It seems that the file vendor/elgg/elgg/.scripts/check_global_requirements.php causes the wrong virus warning. You could unzip the release zip, remove this file and re-zip. If you don't intent to use composer (alternative install method) you wouldn't need this file.

  • Did you ever get elgg updated, I'm about to give up as I just encountered a horrible tech and I'm not the most inept person when it comes to programs, coding, i have been reading and plugging away for about 4 months and I just come up with more question lol