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I translated the core content for Elgg  2.3.10, Version - 2016092300 into Turkish by using the Translation Editor plugin. I am in the process of completing the translation task for all bundled plugins as well (actually, all plugins expect for developers, logrotate, messages, reportcontent, translation_editor [not bundled] and web_services have been translated into Turkish). As I do not use Transifex, can someone tell me how I can send the files to Elgg community?

Thank you.


  • As I do not use Transifex

    It's bad.

    how I can send the files to Elgg community?

    Upload a new plugin

  • Thanks a lot for the reply. I believe I should use this option when all plugins have been translated. Otherwise, I will be "littering" the Elgg plugin field with dozens of small files.

  • May I suggest you re-consider usage of Transifex? The advantage is that the translations uploaded to the Elgg project at Transifex will be included in all future releases of Elgg. So, much easier for the users to handle it as it won't require an additional plugin to be added or even copying the language files manually into the corresponding folders.

    You can also upload language files you've created with the Translation editor plugin (or just with an editor) to Transifex, so there's no need to create the translations on the Transifex site. If an English language file changes, the changed language file is available at Transifex and you'll see what has changed and need to be updated or added in your translation easily. For translation you can download the translated language file from Transifex directly, make your changes and upload the updated file again. Much easier than trying to handle it via the Community site.

    You would only need to create an account at Transifex and make a request to be added as translation for a language for the Elgg project for a specific language (maybe get in contact with a core developer for the request to be taken care of in case they miss it) and then you could start adding your translations.

  • Dear Hakan,

    Transifex is the only way for non English translations to end up in core. The automated processes will always overwrite any other means of contribution with the data coming from Transifex. It should even be possible to upload your files to Transifex (so you can translate them with your own tools).

    Just wondering; what is not working for you regarding Transifex?

  • Please let me know the actions which I need to perform after making the translation in Transiflex to bring the translated strings to the working site ? 

  • The translations of the Elgg language files added to Transifex will be included in the next release of Elgg after you added the files (or changed already existing translations). This happens automatically, i.e. it's part of the release process to fetch the latest translations. If you would be in need to have the translations already available before the next release is made, you would have to add them on your own to your Elgg installations (either by copying the files simply in the corresponding languages folders or by creating a plugin the contains all translations - like I did in the past for the German translations before Elgg started to use Transifex). On short term (if needed immediatelly) Transifex won't help but if you can wait for the next release and even more so in the long run it's best to make the translatons available to Elgg via Transifex as they are easier to maintain this way.

  • A few replies:

    1) When I translate via the plugin, I can test the option live on my website. This is not possible under Transifex.

    2) I did not start the translation task with the intention of giving it to the community; it was purely for personal use. Yet, we will no longer be using Elgg and there is no point in my keeping these translation files at hand - even though the number of Turkish users is low, these files might be of some use for someone.

    I have already uploaded the translation pack as a plugin. Feel free to use it.

  • If you are no longer using Elgg I can understand that you don't want to spend more time on that. Therefore, just as a remark: it isn't necessary to do the translations on the Transifex website. I never did it so far when creating the German translations. You can upload the translations for example as php files (with the language strings in an array like it's done in Elgg's language files anyway). I do the translation directly in the php files with just a text editor. But it would also be possible to use the Translation Editor plugin as this plugin has the option to download the translations you have created as php files. These files can then be uploaded.

    I might add the translations you have created for the plugins I maintain directly in the next releases if you don't mind. Easier this way for the users. Maybe someone would also like to upload your translations of Elgg core and the bundled plugins to Transifex if the interest in helping a bit is there.