html widget showing for members

Hi there, i have a problem with this plugin widget pack, it shows the html widget for members and i'v set it to 'yes' disable html widget.


A little help fixing this please, also the search widget doesn't work. 


thank you 





  • good to know that the html doesn't work anyways when added to the widget.


    i don't want it myself anyways, so help just disabling it thank you :) 

  • The plugin option is ONLY for disabling the FILTERING and only for the INDEX PAGE html widget and ONLY DISABLES THE FILTERING for ADMINS. So, the filtering will still always be on for non-admin users and for any other page than the index page.

  • @learningbob you can hide the availability of this widget when managing the available widgets as an admin

  • hidding the widget didn't work, as in my img in my 1st post 

  • @learningbob @iionly already explained that the setting in your screenshot is not meant for hiding of the widget

  • ok i see now sorry :) 


    ok so i would like to just disable it from the widget so no one can see it, what file is the popup box in please after u press 'add widget' 


    thank you

  • If you have the Widget Manager plugin enabled, you will have in the admin section of your site the section "Configure - Widgets -Manage" (in the sidebar menu). If you go to this section, you can configure which widgets can be added for different contexts (profile page, dashboard, index page and group pages). So, if you don't want the users being able to add the Free HTML widget, you can uncheck it for the pages you don't want to have it (index page can be managed by admins only anyway and the group pages by admins and group owners). The "Hide" option probably means that already existing widgets are hidden (not sure as I haven't used this option so far). I also don't know if admins would still be able to add a widget if it's disallowed. But you could find out easily by testing yourself.

  • @iionly thank you for the help but i couldn't find the uncheck box so i disabled it with css display:none


    i understand not to the change the core but i'll remember the next upgrade thank you :)





  • The configuration of the widgets is not on the Widget Manager plugin settings page but the Widget Manager plugin adds some additional sections to the admin area of your site. Go to the admin area and look in the available sections in the sidebar menu. You should see the menu link "Manage" in the sidebar menu under the "Configure" - "Widgets" menu section. On this "Manage" page you can select which widgets should be allowed to be added by the users. The "Can be added" option defines which widgets are offered to be added and the "Hide" option would control which existing widgets (already added by users) should be hidden. Just change the config for the "Free HTML" widgets by de-selecting "Can be added" and selecting "Hide" and the Free HTML widget can no longer be added and will no longer show up if previously added.

  • @iionly thank you i see it now, i couldn't see it before :/



    thank you !