Hey elgg community I have a quick question, i have built a nice website using elgg but now that i am close to finishing my developers are now reccommending that we use laravel framework instead of elgg so that we can get at least 1 million users without the website crashing, is it anything you can reccomend that i can do to prevent website crashes with elgg while i wait on my developers to redesign the website in laravel? I was told that elgg can hold up to 100 thousand users if we limit video uploads to only 1 minute do you know if this is true?

  • This question has been asked many times before.

    The answer is always the same.

    Yes, Elgg can support infinite users, but is all depends op the underlying network structure you build it on.

    Probably on a shared host you won't succeed, but if you have 10+ webservers and a database cluster there should be no problem.

    Elgg supports multiple webservers, you can connect to a database cluster and if your dataroot (where all uploaded files end up) is on a network disk everything will work fine.

    Yes you need to invest some time in maybe optimizing some stuff, but that has to happen with every product if you expect that many users.

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